If you have ever wanted to learn about edible plants, you are in the right place. Click on one of the categories below to get started. I am continually adding to the plant profiles, so make sure you join the community to stay informed when there is new knowledge or other goodies.

Grevillea Banksii - beautiful, and like all grevilleas, it has sweet edible nectar.
Sweet Treats
As important as knowing what to eat, is knowing what NOT to eat. This is a deadly one. You might find it instead on a necklace, or bag as the seeds are sometimes used as beads. Keep little kids AWAY from such things. Abrus precatorius (crabs eye, rosary pea, john crow bead, Indian licorice, gidee gidee,) this vine is found throughout the world and is most easily identified by the red seeds with black spots on them. Stay away unless you want a swift ride to the other side. **Maybe not so swift. Maybe horrifically painful.
Tea & Other Drinks
Tea & Other Drinks
When first leant about this edible weed I thought it was called "dry Maria" because it usually has some dew drops on it. Classic Australian irony I thought. Apparently it is drymaria because drymos is Greek for forest. Either way it is a tasty alternative to sprouts. Use in salads, sandwiches etc. If you live in you need to do some research to make sure you don't get the wrong thing.
For Flavour
For Flavour
Root Vegetables

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