This is a list of the books, courses & other resources that I have found most useful in learning about edibles – both wild and cultivated.

1.Wild Food Plants of Australia by Tim Low

Highly recommended for any foragers or people interested Australian bust tucker. This book is oragnised by habitat (seashore, freshwater, rainforest, open forest, arid zone) which makes it great for discovering new things in the area around you. Each plant has a detailed written description, usually accompanied by a photo. A great way for learning and successfully identifying plants. Find it on Amazon

2.The Bushfood Handbook by Vic Chickov

This is a fantastic book for those who are interested in traditional aboriginal culture around wild food. It includes edible and medicinal plant information, as well as recipes. This is great for ideas about how to prepare you bush tucker, and is best with accompanying information about how to properly ID plants. Get your copy here.

3. Grow Something to Eat Every Day by Jo Whittingham

Ideal for beginner veggie gardeners in Australia. This month by month guide tells you what to plant, what to harvest, how to store, and some basic trouble shooting. A great way to see the ins and outs of the veggie patch through out the year. Grow Something to Eat Every DayYou can purchase it on Amazon here.

4. School of Survival with Cockatoo Paul

If you are interested in more than just bush tucker, and want to learn how to not just survive, but thrive in wilderness than this course is for you. 5 night/4 days in the Australian bush learning how to navigate by the bun and starts, build shelters, filter water, find food, and look after your self in nature. This is the course I did and I highly recommend it. Find out more here.

5. D’harawal Climate and Natural Resources Compiled by Frances Bodkin

This beautifully illustrated book gives an in depth look of the climatic cycles of the D’harawal region of Australia. Describing traditional aboriginal names, uses and understandings of the plants and animals of different seasons, this book is a must for any earth conscious Australian – even outside the D’harawal lands (south NSW coast). Such profound knowledge is hard to come across these days, and larger scale seasonality such as the 12 years cycles provides deep understanding of where we are. Together with the D’harawal Dreaming Stories (by the same illustrator and author), a much more well rounded and complete view of counrty can be gained. I absolutely devoured every crumb of information in these books, and they continue to be some of my favourite books of all time. Find out more, or purchase the books by contacting me at

If you have a resource that you think is valuable, please contact me and I will be happy to review it.

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