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Best Book for learning about Edible Plants in AustraliaBest Book for learning about Edible Plants in Australia

Bush Tukka Guide

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By Samantha Martin

Identify Australian plants and animals and learn how to cook with them

This book by Samantha Martin is part of the SBS series Explore Australia. Unlike many other bush tukka field guides this book include animals as well as plants, and has the advantage of some very yummy recipes added at the end.

This is a great guide to start of with, and would also make an excellent class room tool for learning about traditional Australian food. Well organised and easy to use, the aboriginal names of the plants and animals are also included along with their latin name and common names. Occasionally hunting or gathering techniques are also mentioned. This book would make a handy guide for anyone traveling around Australia, or anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of bush tucker, or traditional aboriginal culture in general.

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