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Best Book for learning about Seasons, Plants & Animals in AustraliaBest Book for learning about Seasons, Plants & Animals in Australia

D’harawal: Climate & Natural Resources

$ 29.99

Compiled by Frances Bodkin

Illustrated by Lorraine Robertson


I love this book. Together with D’harawal Dreaming stories, I think this is some of the most amazing information you can get. Beautifully illustrated with water colours, D’harawal Climate and Natural Resources is a fantastic compilation of information from the D’harawal people of South Coast NSW.

This is information you won’t find online. It includes a description of the six seasons throughout the year,  including which plants flower and which animals are active at that particular time. It also includes the D’harawal names of the seasons, plants and animals, what this time of year is best for (eg. traveling to the coast, not eating cray fish, making/repairing coats for the coming winter). This is the annual cycle.

It also describes the daily cycle, the Mudong cycle (which is about 12 years), and a larger cycle of times of fire, and times of cold etc. This is tens of thousands of years of knowledge about the D’harawal country boiled down into an easy to read, and beautiful book.

Traditional travel pathways around the country are described, as well as  fire management, and conservation practices. Invaluable information about how to live sustainably in an Australian environment.

Even though I live much further north than D’harawal land, I still find this information useful and recommend it to any Australian wanting to know more about the natural world around them or Aboriginal culture in general.

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