D’harawal: Dreaming Stories

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Compiled by Frances Bodkin

Illustrated by Lorraine Robertson

For tens of thousands of years the D’harawal people lived sustainably on the South Coast of New South Wales. Their Law kept them in check with the land and accepted cultural behavior. Often passed down to young members of the clan through dreaming stories, these tales interwove crucial knowledge of survival with important lessons on cultural expectations and responsibilities. They have the added advantage of being entertaining enough to maintain young peoples attention and stay in their minds.

This is a collection of short stories from the D’harawal people, and is beautifully illustrated through out. It is suitable for both young and old, and there is much information that can be inferred. I particularly loved the story about the flannel flower, and knowing that Abroriginal people survived a 10 000 year ice age, wondered if this was perhaps the setting of the story. What people can eat in those conditions is just extraordinary information to have.

This book makes great bed time reading, for adults & children alike. I found myself going over the stories (and stunning pictures) many, many times.

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