Field Guide to Fungi of Australia

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by A.M. Young

This book is the most comprehensive general guide to Australia’s fungi, with more than 170 species described and illustrated with photos and drawings to make correct identification easy. It includes species from all parts of Australia with known toxic species clearly labelled.

I find this book well organised and easy to navigate, and while there is a chapter about edible fungi, I want to make this clear that this is about all fungi in Australia, with the chapter about edibility basically saying there is not enough information about Australian fungi; and European methods of removing or identifying toxins simply do not translate to the Australian species. As someone new to forging mushrooms my plan is to become practiced at identifying the species around me which this book is perfect for, and use another resource (perhaps making use of the knowledge of tens of thousands of years that the first Australians ate and used mushrooms) to learn which are edible and/or useful.

A great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the fungi around them.

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