Soil Food

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By Jackie French

1,372 ways to add fertility to your soil

Better soil fertility can help you to get the best tasting, most nutritious, disease resistant veggies possible.

If you feed the soil, rather than the plant you are on the right track to a thriving home garden filled with goodies for your plate.

In this easy to read book French shares a multitude of ways to get more of the right stuff into your soil (in fact she has 1,372 ways to increase your soil fertility) and many of them are free and easy to implement.

It covers  the ins and outs of everything from composting, to green manure, intercropping, mulch and much more. It also has plant specific information, as well as site specific information to tailer a strategy to your exact needs.

It includes plenty of illustrations and easy to implement practical advice. A great book for the developing green thumb.

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Soil Food

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