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Forage & Harvest is an online space for people to learn & share knowledge about edible plants. This includes wild food, things in your veggie patch, urban foraging, and ornamental plants you may not have known you could eat. The aim is to keep alive the crucial knowledge about how to tell dinner from disaster; so we all can enjoy fresh, free, organic food and reclaim our relationship with food and nature.

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Why Forage & Harvest

Forage: search widely for food or provisions
Harvest: the process of gathering in crops

People forage wild food, and harvest cultivated food but often don’t think about both activities along the same lines. It is interesting to think that all our common supermarket veggies are descendants of once wild ancestors. In fact the category which they fit into is largely dependent on fluctuating cultural understandings and geography. For example, asparagus is most commonly thought of as a ‘veggie garden crop’, or bought from the super market; while to some people in the USA and Europe where it grows in the wild, it is a great plant to forage in the spring time.  Likewise, many people pull out purslane from their lawn, or between their pavers; while others deliberately  grow it to eat. Some see it as a weed, while others see it a as cultivated plant depending on their understanding.

These lines between the categories becomes further blurred by societies who gather wild food and deliberately encourage their re-growth. Foraging? Farming? The reality is that these categories say nothing about the plant itself, only the cultural understanding of the onlooker. So regardless of which category you might put it in, if it’s an edible plant this is the place to talk about it.

A Word of Warning

Despite being surrounded by an abundance of plants that provide us with food, there are also plenty of plants that can make you sick or even kill you. Knowledge is key, and deep understanding of plants and an eye for detail is critical. While I hope to inspire and provide a space to keep this information alive, I am not providing in-depth identification information. I have learnt from many books, as well as one on one tuition with a practiced and knowledgable teacher. The books that I have found most useful are available in the book shop. It is your body so you need to be 100% sure of what you are putting in it. You will need to do further research than what is provided here, particularly if you have allergies or are pregnant. When it comes to what you eat it is your body, your risk, your responsibility.